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441 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021
(02) 9380 2021
Store Hours 
Monday - Saturday
 10am - 6pm
11am - 5pm

Being entrusted with your pet is something we take very seriously at Paddo Pets.

Each person and each pet is unique and we try our hardest to accommodate the needs and wishes of each client.

Our washing service includes a hydro bath, blow dry, brush and ear cleaning. Our grooming service includes nail clipping and styling with scissors and blades.

Grooming is done by appointment and is available 7 days a week, starting at 10am.

Call 9380 2021 to book your dog in or email:

Matting can cause your dog great pain especially when close to the skin. If this is the case the groomer may have limited options and have to clip your dog very short.

We recommend getting your dog groomed regularly to avoid skin irritations, poor blood circulation and other complications that occur due to matted or knotted coats.



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